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Monday, June 9, 2014

Season 7: Opening Credits

OK, kids, here's the situation. The opening credits for this season were pulled almost immediately because, apparently, of a dispute over whether the production had the legal right to display the mural they had used as a backdrop. As a result, the show switched back to its Season 6 intro, which is what the commercially available viewing options like DVDs provide. To get my hands on the intro, I had to go for a grainy YouTube video. Since the quality is low, I'm going to keep my commentary brief. Apologies.

The focus in this segment is bold colors. I'm actually pretty impressed with Cliff's use of purple and coral together, and the brown pant is the right choice to match those shades. I'm going to pretend that's not a black shoe I see there. That's just the poor video quality, right? The tie can't be explained away by compression artifacts, I'm afraid.

I wish I had more information here. Clair's coat might be nice. She might be wearing a green turtleneck, but who knows? Maybe there's a whole pattern under there we're missing! I'm reasonably sure that she's wearing a knee-length gray skirt, black leggings, and boots that reach her mid calf, but really almost all of this is the kind of guesswork that scientists do when they look at fossils. Like, we think we know what a tyrannosaurus looked like, but we weren't there! If only Phylicia Rashad weren't so possessed with the spirit of dance, maybe these shots would have been cleaner.

I must not be interpreting things correctly, because I feel like I might like Sondra's outfit. I mean, it's got obvious ugliness to it, but in a way that makes her look like the lady in a JRPG who joins your party and then turns out to be a sorceress princess in disguise.

Her husband is just wearing an uglier version of her dad's outfit. Also, there appears to be a loafy mullet situation on the back of his head, and that's gonna need to get taken care of.

Denise goes easy on me and reproduces her (still preposterous) episode #6.25 suit.

A turtleneck and black pants from Martin, who continues to live on the edge.

My hopes for Theo's ascent to fashion competency are once again dashed.

Vanessa is all, "What if Jubilee from the X-Men got a job promoting a boxer?"

Yeah, no.

You know what? I'm totes feeling this. Little kids should wear wild colors and make risky fashion choices!

Of course, the one who really got the short end of the stick with the credits change is Cousin Pam. Erika Alexander was added as a regular cast member in the seventh season, but the return to the previous season's intro omitted her charming smile, door knocker earrings, and neon poncho. That's just not right.

And that's that, my darlings! Come back next week, when the quality of the screen grabs will have improved somewhat.


  1. It should be noted that Season 8 used the would-be Season 7 intro (minus Bonet and Phillips), so cleaner shots should be available from that.

    1. I was going to say, I remember seeing this intro all the time and I thought it was from a later season.

  2. @Chris J. Kelly how is this website still up? This monster of a man named Bill Cosby is not your fault of course. But now that the world knows that Bill Cosby is an alleged rapist of over 30 women for almost half a Century, how could you support such an animal?

    Honestly, it reflects bad on you Chris J. Kelly.

    I have looked all over this website and do not find any mention of the harm Bill Cosby has done to women and their loved ones.

    Please, don't do like Bill Cosby and just simply ignore all the talk.

    It's like the elephant in a room,and pretending its not there.

    @Chris J. Kelly please tell us your not still supporting Bill Cosby or are you?

    1. Anonymous: as you've no doubt noticed, this site has not been updated in many months. I've been extremely conflicted about how to handle the blog in light of the allegations made against Mr. Cosby. I would never want to be perceived as supportive in any way of sexual assault, or to be seen as benefiting from crimes committed against others.

      The site remains up because in and of itself, it is not about or for Mr. Cosby, but rather a celebration of the work done by Sarah Lemire and her colleagues in the wardrobe department. This blog in no way benefits or encourages Mr. Cosby. I have pondered many potential actions regarding this blog and its continued existence, but have been unable to come to firm decision as to how I should proceed.

      I hardly feel qualified to comment helpfully on the crimes currently being discussed in the media, and have thus made no overt statement on this blog about Mr. Cosby and his accusers. For now, the best action is likely no action at all. I am sorry if this dissatisfies you.

    2. @Chris J. Kelly you are a gentleman and a scholar. I would like to apologize to you.

      Thank you for such an eloquent & speedy reply.

      I am not dissatisfied by you but rather by Mr. Cosby's alleged actions.

      Now that I read where you stand, I fully understand 100% with the dilemma you are faced with.

      I am grateful that you replied so others that google there way here such as I can understand your position as I have.

    3. Chris, please keep this blog up. It is so hilarious! I loved the Cosby show and am very disappointed with the revelations surrounding Bill Cosby. Being a fan of the show and a fan of this blog does not mean I'm a fan of Bill Cosby's actions. I hope people start to understand the difference and stop pestering you about it.

    4. Think you'll ever pick the project back up and finish the analysis? I've been thoroughly enjoying your commentary on the fashion choices on the show, never realizing that some of the outfits were reused several times, etc.

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  5. Oh, I do hope that, at some point (and I know it's not likeky, since your last comment was almost 3 years ago) you might finish the series analyses. I return to this blog a few times a year, hoping there might be something new. I don't condone Mr. Cosby's behavior, either, but the show was separate from his private behavior, portrayed family life in a positive way, and involved others (cast & crew) who had nothing to do with Mr. Cosby's actions.

  6. @Chris J Kelly:

    Although I disagree with some of your opinions about the Credit clothing descriptions, I applaud you for doing a great job with the blog as a whole. Yes, Mr. Cosby has done deplorable deeds, but I really disagree and would debate with anyone who berated you got not not mentioning Mr Cosby's behavior here. The show and the other cast have nothing to do with this. You, dear sir, no matter when you wrote these, do not take into consideration any outside influences. You are looking only at the work. His actions have nothing to do with this work. This is works well here and in real life. Thank you for this blog, for your insight, and for your humor. God bless you!!!

  7. You should finish the series, Chris. This show is too good to be marred by Bill's private actions! Please reconsider!.

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