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Monday, April 28, 2014

Season 6, Episode 21: Theo's Dirty Laundry

The Huxtables can be so holier-than-thou sometimes. When Cliff and Clair discover that Theo has moved in with Justine, they get all high and mighty about how he's in school to study and he needs to be truthful with them and yadda yadda, and then he pushes back with the whole "giving me money doesn't mean you own me and you don't know my life" situation, and then meanwhile Denise is discovering that she has a 375th life goal of helping people with learning disabilities because somehow she's going to change the world... basically everyone in the house is insufferable. At least the whole episode takes place over one day, so there aren't as many bad outfits to critique.

Carol Kane's stand-in.

We'll start off with an easy one: Georgia Strauss as the server at the cafe. There's apparently little in the way of a dress code at this place; everyone wears a vest and short apron, but the rest is up to them. This lady has gone for some TGI Friday's flair to accentuate the crappy t-shirt and hippie skirt. I bet she fancies herself to be a real free spirit. Or, saints preserve us, an old soul. Don't hang out with this girl after work.

Audra McDonald's stand-in.

Paula's back; she's still a part of her daughter's life and still friends with Denise, which is legitimately awesome. The show is has a weird mix of conservative and progressive values, and in this case it's nice to see the focus on letting families take different and unexpected forms. I'm into the giant '80s sport coat, especially with that not-quite-plaid plaid; I actually wish that the skirt had a matching pattern to tie things together. She might be trying a little too hard with the scarf and shirt, though. Embrace solids, Paula. Even a beige can fight for attention when you push it like this.

The "before" picture in a salon commercial.

Oh, Justine, what is that bird's next on your head? Not cute, hon. As for the saggy dress, we first saw it in episode #5.21, when it was worn by her roommate, Delores. It doesn't look better here. Nothing looks good here. This is an all-around failure. She's even caught Loafy Mock Turtleneck Disease from Theo. That's what you get for moving in with a fashion victim I guess.

Obligatory Kelis/There Will Be Blood reference...

Olivia serves up her episode #6.12 clown shirt.

Why is Rudy the only one who ever does chores?

Rudy's outfit is kind of lame, but it's also laundry day, so I'm going to grant her a pardon. No one should be judged by their laundry day clothes.


Theo lives every day like it's laundry day. I'm actually not totally opposed to the color combo he's rocking up top, though a cardigan over a turtleneck (or, naturally, a mock turtleneck) isn't really my jam. And everything's too big. And don't even try me with that hat.

Well, you can't say she's not putting in some effort.

You know, I always want to champion Denise's kookiness, but this is a little outside the bounds even for me. Everything has got to be a thrift shop find, judging by the early '70s overall vibe and the fact that the coat is obviously made for a large man. The flare of the pants anticipates the '90s boot cut jean trend, though the color scheme and the width of those stripes make her seem kind of circus-y, especially when you factor in the big used car salesman jacket. The loose, ruffly sleeves and big buttons on her blouse might work in another setting, but here there's already too much going on. Again, I do my best to like whatever she does, but I can't just throw my support down blindly, and you'd have to be blind to support this.

She lives her life like a candle in the wind.

I wasn't overly fond of any of this until Clair got up and walked across the room and I saw that orange top garment billow. That right there is a statement piece; it looks simple, but work that strut and all of a sudden you are throwing down goddess energies. In that context, I can understand the simplicity of the outfit and the color scheme. This isn't fashion so much as cosplay: she is a fire elemental. But hey, dress for the job you want! She's nailing it.

Gaze upon it.

When Bill Cosby had an internet poll to choose the ultimate Cosby sweater, fans chose this one as the winner. I can't really review it in light of that development. This is it, you guys. This is the one. Nice slacks, I guess.

We're zeroing in on season 7. Who's excited?

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