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Monday, March 24, 2014

Season 6, Episode 16: The Birthday Party

This is gonna be a short one, but at least I made my Monday morning deadline for once. I'm not sure what possessed the writers to do another "children at a party" show after Rudy's sleepover, but they did. This time it's Olivia's birthday that prompts the gathering. Nothing much happens, honestly. Let's just get this over with.

A sign? On an easel? I feel like a banner would have been more appropriate.

Lots of kids show up. We will not be exploring their fashion choices.

Where do you even buy something like this?

Except, of course, for Olivia, since she's a series regular. Her presentation has a real "child royalty" vibe to it, complete with crown. It's all intense pink and volume and extreme scalloped edges and thick borders. She's just turning all the usual party dress expectations up to eleven. I applaud her commitment.


Rudy and Vanessa are absent this week, and Theo appears for just one short scene, wearing his episode #5.10 turtleneck and some nondescript jeans.

She's making tofu cake because she's craaaaaaaazy.

Poor Denise has succumbed to the curse of the shoulder pad. In a turtleneck? Is that necessary? The aubergine shade is great on her, though, and the wild wrap skirt is fab. Maybe not with chunky shoes and ankle socks, though.

He's too bland for her.

Gray sweater, gray slacks. Diamonds to prevent you from falling asleep. Martin is as stalwart and dependable as ever.

You couldn't even give me a new look from my favorite fashion icon?

Clair repeats her episode #6.5 outfit.

Yeah, no.

I realize that the lighting at the bottom of the stairs isn't ideal, but that wide shot still illustrates the key problem with this sweater, and honestly many of Cliff's pieces. From far away, these deep, low-contrast colors all blend together. Then, once you get up close, they don't match particularly well. This garment isn't the usual good-ugly we expect from the doctor; this is just ugly-ugly. He can, and should, aspire to more.

And that's it! Seriously, nothing happened this week.

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