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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Season 6, Episode 10: Grampy and NuNu Visit the Huxtables

Denise is horrified that Martin's parents are visiting because she knows, per her husband's description, that Mrs. Kendall can't stand her. It ends up being a big misunderstanding, and everyone is happy in the end. I wish all my problems could be solved in half an hour...

Maybe Martin's dad is an occultist?

Mr. Kendall is named Joe, just like Clair's father. He has appeared previously, in episode #5.18, as Dr. Lotus. And I'm pretty sure he's wearing Grandpa Russell's blazer (seen several times, but first in #2.23). It's weird that there's so much reuse going on here. I guess we've run out of ideas for new characters? Anyhow, ignoring the repetition, I like the slate pants with this jacket, and I find myself loving the bold, almost rustic stitching along his tie. The neckwear is maybe not ideal for this outfit, but since it seems intentionally out of place, I'm into it. This man has personality.

Turns out she loves Denise, because duh.

Lorraine Kendall is played by Grammy-winning jazz singer Nancy Wilson. She's doing that thing where she sticks to a single color family in different shades, and it bears resemblance to something that's working, but in reality it's just not. Choose a contrasting hue, for heaven's sake! If I were to give this a free pass, it would be because the skirt is practically purple and the blazer is a glorious plaid. And really the silhouette's only flaw is the shoulder pad. But the velvet(een?) collar is wrong and the satin blouse, while lovely, shouldn't be a matching red.

She brought cute to the party.

Olivia knows how to construct a palette. (OK, Denise does.)

Too much time with her brother, I think.

I assume that Rudy is caged in that sweater as a punishment for a misdeed that this episode didn't have time to explain. Maybe when she learns to behave, she can wear the nice skirt and turtleneck by themselves, which will be a huge improvement.

Yes that's the same screencap. What of it?

No Vanessa this week, so let's look at Theo's latest disappointment. Orange turtleneck, green pants, pockets everywhere. Surely there's a fashion course at NYU he could be taking.

I'm running out of ways to express my love for her.

Denise is dressed in her absolute best because she wants to impress Martin's parents. The queen of turning complexity into a cohesive ensemble, she combines this intricate, tapestry-like coat/shirt hybrid with short patchwork pants in a way that should feel frighteningly busy but instead seems effortless, as though the pieces were always meant to be together. The plain white tee underneath is the one sign of restraint.

Not having it.

Further evidence that she is perfect: when Martin gives her this conservative cardigan to wear as a means of impressing his mother, she makes this face directly to the camera. The sweater totally doesn't go, and yet it nearly does because she could wear anything.

The man is always wrong on this show. Always.

I guess Martin got the monochrome gene from his mom. This is a great outfit with the contrast turned all the way down.

Serving it.


Honestly, that is just the most divine garment. And set against those loose trousers? Oh my days.

This is his cake-stealing walk.

Cliff's sweater palette is like, "do you think there are marathons in Hell?" It's a good garment overall, but so much fire! A little to intense for me. And yes, there are marathons in my version of Hell, says the man who sits at a computer all day.

I'll end with yet another apology about how I never post these on Mondays anymore. See you on... I dunno, next Friday probably, at the pace I'm going.


  1. You're wonderful, this is wonderful, this is also a run-on sentence, don't ever stop.

  2. Great post! Would you happen to have a list of the jazz singers Cliff lists when in the basement with Martin's dad?