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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Season 6, Episode 9: Cliff's Wet Adventure

For the first time, I've run into a name discrepancy between my DVDs and the IMDb; they both list this episode as next chronologically, but the internet cites the above dirty-sounding title, while the disc calls it "Thanksgiving with the Huxtables" or something similarly innocuous. Full disclosure: I'm on vacation in St. Thomas right now (I know, boo hoo) so I'm away from my usual supplies, but I'll do my best to continue delivering high-quality (ok, acceptable-quality) recaps. Oh, right, you want a plot synopsis. Basically, every recurring character drops by for Thanksgiving, plus an appearance from Martin's first wife to explain why she left her husband and child.

Hair crown.

Victoria Rowell appears as Paula, wearing a smart little outfit if I do say so myself. The proportions of the skirt and sweater don't reflect much about the reality of her frame, so she could get real with that sizing, but I'm dying over the purple tights linking to that central purple diamond in her fall-themed argyle. She'll probably get cold with a skirt that short, though. It's late November, after all. (To be fair, she was on a flight to, I think, North Carolina, so she might have been planning on arriving in a warmer climate.)

Why are you here?

Luckily, we've got some repetition happening this week. Denny is wearing the shirts from episode #5.18 with darker slacks that sort of look like his #5.15 pants, though the lack of pouchy pockets make me hesitate to offer that call definitively. Regardless, it's all mediocre rehash.

Why are you here too?

Howard delivers an original look. It's a good winter getup; rolled jeans, patterned sweater, matching turtleneck. I'm feeling it.

She's smiling like she delivered a punch line, but she's talking about salad.

The wardrobe department continues to drape Francine in the largest, least flattering items they can find. They're just determined to erase any visual cues about her shape. Some of these purples are pretty good, but the pattern is too loud for an all-over look, and the contrasting shoulder blocks are unnecessary. This ain't great. Also, is that earring a phone receiver? Because it looks like a phone receiver. That's not a compliment.

Why the long face?

Lester gives us a suit. Liking the striped tie on striped shirt on textured jacket. He's always looking sharp.

Why the crazy face?

Anna's also a little square these days. Speaking of square, check that pocket square. Was it supposed to coordinate so well with the apron? The coat-like cut is decent, I guess, and I love her in a goldenrod. But she needs something to define the waist, if not in the form of a belt then perhaps by wearing separates rather than one loose dress.

One of the top three Huxtables in terms of clothing choices.

DAT TIE DO. Russell has pulled off this blazer several times, but perhaps never so well as right now. This light shirt offsets the darker pieces beautifully, and the patterns coordinate so well. Snappy snappy.

L.L. Beanie Baby.

Looking nice, Ken. Looking super preppy, but nice.

I don't know either, kid.

Olivia helped make pie. Mostly by delivering shades of blue and sassy faces.

I assume by season 8, episodes will just be 28-minute close-ups of her.

She nails it dressing up, too. Pink and yellow? Yes. Volume? Absolutely. High-waisted? Sure. I'm feeling it.

Olivia did over-the-shoulder better.

Rudy. Cooking. Pink shirt. Done.

Less cute = less screen time. Sorry 'bout it.

We barely see her dinner outfit. It's pastel and ruffly and probably totally average.

Older sister, bolder sister.

You know, this isn't as dressy as I'd generally like to see for a formal-ish family dinner, but Vanessa is asserting some aesthetic eye here. She's following Denise's example in some ways, playing with casual items like the t-shirt, traditionally manly items like the blazer, and odd embellishments like the patches. I'm not super excited about the crap all over her top half, but the leggings with short, voluminous skirt are pretty fantastic, and the color story works for me. I'll accept this.

Emphatic no.

When Theo arrives, he brings with him a great deal of chaos, since he wasn't expected to attend. To embody this, he wears as many colors as he can get in one cardigan. It's offensive. Theo consistently bothers me with his clothes. I'm so very over it.

Better in an apron than others in couture.

Sloppy cooking clothes for Denise, but as always, she's just the greatest.

Better in a sweater than she is in an apron.

BIG PIN BIG PIN LOVE THAT BIG PIN! And the print. And the oversized contrast stitching. And the pants. We're loving Denise, like always.

Perhaps better in a sweater than his wife even.

Hot dad realness. I'd do unholy things to get my hands on that high-collared cardigan.


This sweater, on the other hand, is an abomination. This is the worst example of color blocking I've ever seen. And that turtleneck? Underneath, she's got leggings or tights or something and boots that I actually like, so I guess we're not completely at sea here. But basically ugh all over.

I wish this outfit were... another outfit.

Used car salesman. Elvin tried to make colors work for him, but he is absolutely working for those colors.

Guys, I made an actual observation!

OK, this is my favorite detail of the week. While cooking, Clair wears Cliff's shirt from episode #4.23. Little touches like that are what I use to justify this blog's existence.

I've always loved that chain necklace.

I'm going to get behind this top 100%. It is delicious from cut to pattern to color. Flow, high neck, throw some jewels on there: win. The skirt isn't an ideal match, but I'll give it to her because I just can't hate on Clair.


The reason for the episode's title is that Clair repeatedly sends Cliff to the store even though it is rainy and a holiday, meaning that he has to travel a long way in uncomfortable conditions to get items they don't really, absolutely need. It's a conceit that makes everyone in the house look wildly unsympathetic, but it also gives me one less outfit to look at, which this week is a blessing.

Apologies for yet another late entry. I'm really slacking these days. But hey, at least I'm still doing it. You know that if I dropped this project, no one else would be crazy enough to pick it up.


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