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Monday, September 9, 2013

Season 5, Episode 17: Can I Say Something, Please?

Rudy's dissatisfaction with the rules of the house leads her to enter into negotiations with her parents. They agree to an experiment in which she can set her own bedtime provided she completes her homework and is not late to school. Predictably, she opts to stay up all night, which makes her grumpy and exhausted. Though the issue is never discussed again, we can assume that she learns a valuable lesson about trusting that her mother and father have her best interests in mind.

I can't really hate on red pants, even when they're this roomy.

The whole topic of boundaries is initiated because Rudy has a movie-watching party. Her friends are allowed to watch stronger stuff, while she's relegated to the children's titles. One of her guests is this blond girl, who goes unnamed in the script. Since the actress playing her is Heather Coleman, we'll just call her Heather. I'm assuming by her sipping-organic-tea-at-the-cabin getup and no-nonsense hairdo that Heather has two moms.

Tiny headband.

Kim is also back. She's rocking leggings and a sweatshirt. Sure, why not?

Huge clothes for small people.

This whole mess is partially Kenny's fault: he brought a thinly-veiled ripoff of The Garbage Pail Kids and pushed Rudy to screen it instead of Treasure Island. (To be fair, too much pirate violence probably isn't good for these kids, anyway.) He's got an OK look going; those stripes will be less defensible once he hits puberty, but they're alright for now.

Wow. Rockin' party, guys.

Peter's here too, just being Peter.

This body language says FWB.

Howard comes home with Theo after midnight; they claim they're about to start studying, but that's not why I brought people back to my room after midnight when I was in college. Regardless of what they are or aren't up to, this man has chosen the perfect color story, from the delightful teal/cream/maroon plaid of his shirt to the exactly matched turtleneck to the mahogany coat and neutral yet compelling slacks. All-around win, in my book.

There's not nearly enough discouragement of her stank attitude this week.

Rudy's first outfit has medals sewn into the top, suggesting that she has gone to battle and performed well. Perhaps she captained the Good Ship Lollipop? Well done, soldier. In the war on fashion, however, she seems to have lost some ground. Both of her looks this week feature matching tops and leggings with a skirt dividing them. Of the two, this is the less offensive, but its plainness should not be equated with quality. Too much contrast seaming happening, and the construction of that skirt is atrocious.

Was she given this as a punishment of some sort?

Of course, that outfit seems worthy of medals in comparison to this woolen vomitorium. The fact that someone made textured, embellished coral leg-sleeves is unacceptable in my eyes. I want to find and scream at that person. The matching sweater is reaching into my brain and turning off the parts that feel joy. And then a denim skirt because everything is terrible. I have to move on before I take my own life.

Of all the repeats in the world...

Vanessa's first appearance is brief, but it doesn't matter because we saw this exact outfit in episode #5.15 (except for the coat, which comes from #5.13).

Did you ever think I'd be telling you dress just like Vanessa?

I'm going to voice a great deal of support for this creation. The palette is surprisingly cohesive, the proportions are unexpected but flattering, and the pieces are mature without seeming elderly. If you were to make some slight tweaks to that sweater, you'd have yourself a serious piece of work here. You could go to a party dressed like this and turn some heads. Please use this as a template for future outings: high-waisted, flowing slacks, collared blouse in an assertive hue, short cardigain in a complimentary shade. Happy fall!

Just and loyal.

Theo is a Hufflepuff?

Clair went to Beauxbatons.

Clair's episode #5.14 taupe skirt never had it so good. That patterned orange wrap top with the tiger necklace is ideal, and it turns this whole outfit into another reminder that she is the best person that has ever set foot in Brooklyn and everyone else should just stand back and admire. I'm sad that she was in pajamas for the rest of this episode, because this high-impact blouse is changing me.

St. Mungo's all the way!

Cliff starts off in a really lovely, subtle outfit. The use of multiple khakis can often come off as boring, but their configuration and varied texture help to create a more dynamic visual. He also employs small bursts of dark blue and palest green to shake things up just enough. This is neutral done right.

OK, no more Potter references. Maybe ever again.

He closes us out with black trousers (cut a little too broadly) and a gray-striped shirt. The nehru collar is new for him, and isn't bad, though is looks too constrictive when buttoned at the top. Given his usual eye for style, this presentation feels lacking. Where's the spirit? Where's the fun?

And so it goes: the end of another episode. Forward, then, into September, toward season 6 and beyond. Stick with me, kids.

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