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Monday, May 6, 2013

Season 4, Episode 23: Gone Fishin'

When I saw the synopsis of this episode online, I thought it must be a joke. Not so much, it turns out: the fourth season of this show really ends with Theo finding a mobster's body in the river. They don't show the corpse or anything, but it's a major plot point nonetheless. He gets a little media attention and of course becomes a total asshole about it, but ends up getting cut down to size when a local news reporter features Rudy's discovery of a bird's nest over his pompous interview.

"You know what my viewers love? Self-involved teens."

Action News correspondent Harriet Waters is played by Alanna Davis, in her only IMDb credit. She's trying to sell professionalism here, and I guess comes up with a look that's work-appropriate even if it's not particularly fashionable. The overly wide, rusty red blazer isn't doing a lot for her, and the sallow shirt beneath it is a poor complement to her coloring. She's got pink undertones! Also, the buttons come off as childlike, and the only reason they don't seem huge is because the entire jacket is sized improperly. I can't complain about a black skirt with black tights, but everything else is doing her a disservice.

"Here to comment: an eight-year-old girl and her pseudo-husband."

Side note: she films the interview hours before the broadcast and goes live on air that night in the same exact outfit (thought with different hair and make-up).

He had almost nothing to say, but I still had to include him.

She also bring in a cameraman, portrayed by Darrell Echols. After this one-line job, he took on a couple other small parts before giving up on the acting thing, it seems. He's not wearing anything that warrants lengthy commentary. Solid if unremarkable color choices, with maybe a hair too much reliance on the mottled, fuzzy texture.

I'll discuss you at length when you start dressing right.

I'll admit it: I'm tired of pretending like there's anything to say about the clothing choices of youngsters. Like, they're kids, they're clothed, whatever. Here are Rudy and Kenny, presented for completeness' sake.

Children: poor fashion references.

Again, they exist. I briefly thought that Rudy was wearing the denim jacket that Kenny wore yesterday, but button placement reveals that they are indeed two separate items. (Kenny's top button is just below the horizontal chest seam, while Rudy's is just above.)

I'm choosing not to talk about that green and yellow... thing.
Vanessa opts not to remove her coat for her first scene, so really all way have to talk about are those flowy, capri-length floral pants. I hate them.

Or about these nightclothes.

She changes into these items later that same day to watch the 11:00 news, so I have to assume that they're pajamas.

Local gangster killed by visual assault. Story at 11.

We haven't seen Theo's pain-inducing vest since episode #3.12. He's used similarly off-putting jeans to ensure that looking at him is nearly as unpleasant as looking at a body dredged from a river. At least that hoodie is a nice shade.

Killing spree continues, culprit still at large.

My wish for season 5 is that it opens with Theo destroying these seam-front jeans. Followed immediately by the demise of this sherbet-colored sweatshirt, which is offensive from every angle. The lurid interplay of the orange and pink is particularly unsavory. Don't look at it anymore. Scroll down, save yourself.

Dressed to win press.
For his interview, Theo reprises his jacket from episode #2.18 and his tie from #3.21 with what appears to be a new shirt. It's not a terrible combination, though the palette is a bit loud overall. There's a used car salesman vibe about it. Also, the pants are the wrong shade of khaki; he should be leaning slightly darker, more toward olive or mustard.

Seeing her in drab clothes makes me so so sad.

We only see Clair's first look from the waist up. Maybe this is one of Cliff's shirts? There's no other explanation for how big and ugly it is. Maybe there's a better outfit underneath this smock that she'll reveal once she's finished with breakfast?

Well, that's a thousand percent better.

She looks divine in red, and has been pulling the color out more frequently of late. I love that there's no lapel on this coat: sleek, well-tailored, and modern. The high, thin black skirt and jauntily spotted top bring in flavors of fun and flirtation without losing professionalism and elegance. Ten out of ten, dear.

And then worse again.

But before the press arrives, she changes into this featureless purple getup, presumably because if the cameras saw her in her full glory, all attention would shift from her lackluster son as the story became an exploration of the smartest, most interesting, most beautiful woman in all the world, soon to be elected President of the Universe. This is her Clark Kent drag so that no one will know her true power.

That face is his impersonation of the dead man. Classy.

Unlike his son, Cliff goes fishing in style, matching his episode #4.17 shirt perfectly with some pine green slacks. While I could do without that hat, the jacket is wonderful.

It feels wrong to end on an old look, but that's just how things panned out.

His second look is a direct repeat of his #3.20 outfit.

And that's that! We're exactly halfway through the run of the show now: four seasons over, four seasons left. Hope it's been as enjoyable for you as it has been for me. See you next week with an exploration of the most memorable credits sequence of the whole series!

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  1. I bet Harriet uses two cans of hairspray per day ... at least.